Memoir Excerpt: Halloween

Chance dressed up as a clown
We loved Halloween!  We’d rush home from school, eat an early supper, change into our costumes, and hit the street–always with Mom or Dad in tow.   Each of us came home with a huge grocery bag full of candy, enough to last at least until Thanksgiving.  But one year I got a big surprise…

Today’s Halloween, so I run home as fast as I can to get on my costume.  Mommy has a costume, too, but she won’t tell me what it is.  We have to hurry up and go trick-or-treating.

“Hi, Lizzy!”  I yell as I run past their house.  Lizzie is sitting on their stoop with an old bum.  I wonder who he is.

I run up the stairs.  “Mommy!”  I run in the kitchen, no Mommy.  I run in the bedroom and bathroom and living room.  Where is she?  My clown costume’s on the couch and my make-up’s on the kitchen table with my wig.  Where is my Mommy?

I run downstairs and knock on Ina’s door.  She doesn’t know where she is.

I run next door.  “I can’t find Mommy!  Do you know where she is?”

“You can’t find your mommy?”  Lizzy laughs.

“Do you know where she is?” I ask.

“You really can’t find her?”

“Where is she?”

Lizzy looks at me.  The bum looks at me.  His clothes are dirty and his face is dirty and his hair is dirty.

“Hi, Leslie,” the bum says.  The bum’s not a bum, he’s my mommy!  “I told you I was dressing up, too.”

Mommy and Lizzy laugh.  I laugh too.

I grab her hand and pull her up.  “Come on!  I need my costume on!  Let’s go!”

“Let’s go trick-or-treating!”  She laughs as we go upstairs to our apartment.




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