Now I’m Not

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by Leslie Wells


I was mute when we met.

I’d lost my words somewhere.

I hadn’t had them for a long time,

didn’t know where they’d gone.


But you saw a letter stuck to the bottom

of my shoe.

You peeled it off and placed it on

my tongue.


It dissolved into dictionaries

full of words I could say.

But how to pick the

right words?


The words that meant what was

waiting to be spoken.


You helped turn the pages,

go through

all the tables and charts,

flip through the letters,

even Q, X, and Z, til

we found the words

that said the truth.


Then your face and eyes

and gentle voice

helped me remember how

to speak, what to say.

So many memories and thoughts

and feelings came rushing out

of me.


I was mute when we met.

Now I’m not.

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