New Year/Old Year



A new year to look forward to, an old year to look back on.  I’ve been thinking that 2016 was such a nothing, blah year.  But then I remembered—I finished my book in 2016.  I started my blog in 2016. I’m almost done writing my query letter and synopsis so I can submit my book to literary agents while it’s still 2016.  I started a new book in 2016.  I continued my happy relationships with friends and family in 2016. I survived mental illness.   What’s so blah about that?

Some hard things happened too.  I’ve written about having my last appointment with my therapist of twenty years in March of 2016.  The end of that relationship is one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with in a long time.  But, I also started a relationship with my new therapist in 2016—and it’s a very good one.  I feel really blessed to have found another therapist I clicked with.  I thought it might be a long and arduous search, but it wasn’t so long after all!

Like pretty much every year, I’ve experienced positive experiences that make me feel great just to think about and negative ones that I could cry about right here, at this keyboard, this second.

What about you?  Can you think of one really gratifying thing that happened in 2016?  Two?  Three?   I hope there are some things from 2016 that make you smile!

Ever heard of a ta-da list?  I think Julia Cameron came up with the idea, not totally sure.  It’s the opposite of a to-do list.  What about a ta-da list for the year of 2016?  Write down wonderful surprises,  amazing accomplishments, and suffering you survived—maybe you’ve come out on the other side and are thriving!  I plan to make a 2016 ta-da list in the next week.  We’ve all accomplished a lot this year.  All of us have.   Let’s take some time to remember what we’ve already done before we go back to thinking of all that sill needs to be done.  We deserve it!

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, do you?  The reason I don’t is that I’ve never kept one in my fifty-five year long life!  If you have, I’d love to hear a comment about it.  And I will commend you in advance, but most of us are not that disciplined.

I do want to make improvements.  Not because it’s going to be 2017 soon, but because the holidays are over, I have more time again, and these are things I want to do.  I put them in the category of goals that I want to achieve, along with the goals I try to achieve during every—or at least most—months, every single year.

There’s a movement of picking one word to embody the year you’re anticipating.  I think that’s more my speed, although it might be harder than it sounds.    is the link for the site.  You can also find it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube.

I’ve decided my word for 2017 will be trust.  I’m facing some scary changes in the coming year that are going to take a lot of trust—in myself, the universe, my friends and family—to go through with any amount of equanimity.  I am afraid.  It’s not here yet, so I’m trying to put my emotional energy into preparing for change, rather than worrying about it.  These changes involve my finances, my living arrangements, other issues.    I plan to write about these things in future posts.  But I am going to need trust running through my veins to face some of the changes that are coming.

What would your word be?  It could be a different word every month.  Every week?  I’ve thought about maybe having the overarching word of trust, but having words for individual months and weeks.  The whole idea is keeping that one word in mind when making decisions and choosing what to do with our time.

If I can keep the word trust in the forefront of my mind, then I can make decisions from a place of trust, rather than a place of fear.  I know from personal experience that fear is not a place of wisdom or even common sense.

Think about your word.  No one else can pick it for you, which makes it a tool of self-confidence and strength.

I’d love hear comments about what word you’ve picked and why.

Have a wonderful 2017!

Floating Away




My solace

My time waster

My mind eraser

til I wake up and remember the dreams

Amniotic fluid to float in

A dark, green pond I barely surface from


Yet I do


Every afternoon

In my bed—the pillows hot, the blankets tangled,

drool crusted on my face, eyes glued almost shut


The more depressed I am

the more I sleep


And float, though my skin puckers and

my mind grows weary, trying to find what I need

in thick, inky water.


by Leslie Wells